Thursday, 17 October 2013

Project Life 2013

So I have not yet posted my Project Life layouts, but Becky Higgin's latest call for the Project Life Creative Team has motivated me to post my work.  It would be SO amazing to be on her team ( I can dream can't I?) but mostly the call has created a great reason to share what I'm doing with Project Life.

I've been doing Project Life since it began as Project 365.  I completed one year using the digital version but have gone back to paper because I really favour the tactile aspect of scrapbooking.  I do like the digital approach because it's easy and enables the possibility of ordering multiple copies.  I love the idea of printing one for each of my three children, but since I'm not doing digital - I guess they'll have to fight for them :-)

I've been scrapbooking for 17 years and I do Project Life because I feel that the everyday pictures tell a complete and accurate picture of our life (in addition to the big events and holidays that traditionally get recorded).  I can start and finish it and feel GREAT when it's completed.  I continue to recommend Project Life to friends that are new to scrapbooking because it's a do-able way to scrapbook - budget and time-wise.

So here are the first four weeks of my 2013 album.  I'll continue to post the remainder as I take pictures of the pages.  Hope you enjoy a peek into our everyday!

Cover Page

Week 1 

Week 2

Week 3 

 Week 4

As you can see, I keep the pages fairly simple.  I've mostly kept to the original concept of Project Life because that guarantees I stay caught up.  I do get creative with it to participate in challenges from time to time, but the majority of the pages are simple.  I still do traditional scrapbooking but I just love the everyday moments recorded in my Project Life albums.

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  1. LOVE your PL pages. I am so inspired to finally start my own:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have thought and thought and thought about PL - I think I might use it for our trips as I always have a billion photos and never ever get to scrap them. I realize this is not in the nature or spirit of the whole PL movement but I think of PL as a personalized/scrappy photo album.. No? Anyway - still thinking about it but enjoyed your post

    1. PL started out as Project 365 (well sort of...both come from Becky Higgins) where the intent was to take a photo a day, but Project Life now is really just scrap how ever many photos you want and how ever often you can or want without spending a bunch of time or money. If you just used Becky Higgin's products, you get a TON of product for a super reasonable price (more than a year's worth in a kit for $30). I do a picture a day just because I love capturing the every day moments ( I think that mountain of laundry will be funny to look at 20 years from now), and I keep it simple so that I can actually get those pictures into those pockets. But I've seen people who use PL to scrap special events (like vacationsas you were saying), themed albums (school album) or monthly review instead of weekly...anything goes :-). You should give it a try - it's sooo much faster and feels so good when it's done. I remember saying to Jen, at the very least they'll be sorted and somewhat scrapped and you can always go back and do a traditional LO when you have the time or desire. Can't say enough good things about PL. :-)