Thursday, 19 September 2013

Day 6,7,8,9 of Shimelle's LSNED

I've been recording my daily lessons but not getting as much creative time in because we have been having a gorgeous September! We've been breaking records with warmer than usual weather and aside from back-to-school routines, it still feels like summer!  I gave my self  a 30 minute limit to see what I could get done. I already had the photos printed, so it was do-able.

I fit 4 days into one layout thanks to the pocket page approach and I'm happy with the results.  There was one particular day where I had so many great photos of "taking in the view" I couldn't fit them all.  We spent the day in Victoria, BC with friends and then took the ferry home that early evening.  So many moments of just taking in the beauty that surrounded us; my lesson was SO obvious that day.  Here is the layout:

I love the Dear Lizzy blue sky/cloud brad!!!  Wish I had 100 of these - cute is that?

I'm on a roll with this 30 minute limit approach, but I need to print some more photos before I can do my next layout.  Unfortunately my printer stopped working last week and Epson is sending me a replacement (still waiting...).  I've gotten use to printing photos as needed and not having a printer definitely slowed me down.  I managed to work on some other projects in the meantime and I will post those soon.

Wishing you a wonderful day!


  1. Oh I love your pictures! That ferry ride is so beautiful. 30 minutes and you did an amazing job!

    1. Thanks :-) Love taking the ferry! 30 minutes and I limited the products I can use (no wasting time digging through my stash!). Realizing how much time I waste doing that..probably won't slow down my shopping though - LOL!

  2. Oh you print at home? That is why you always have things ready

    1. Yes - I print big batches at London Drugs, quite a few at home on an Epson Artisan 730 - not fancy but works well. It's nice to be able to just print a photo if the moment strikes and not have to download, order, and load 3 kids into the van for pick-up :-)